Crisis USA and E.U

 In order to avoid repeating what is already well-established, I will not over-analyze the fact that U.S.A are one united nation with unanimous foreign and domestic policy. Fact that enabled U.S.A as the years gone by, to be the one and only superpower.

On the other hand E.U (or as it was scheduled, the United States of Europe)still exists in an embryic state and with such a crisis this embryo is in danger of abortion.

Today the only flourishing and dominant country-state of the E.U is Germany and this does not raise the question whether Germany manages crisis with a defiantly scandalous way for her benefit but if and when and by what means will E.U liberate again from Germany.

Eurozone countries are on the verge of impoverishment and bankruptcy, among other reasons,because of the pressure caused by the Euro for their financial competitiveness and Germany’s suffocating dominancy against Europe.

Concern is caused by the many voices among the members of the E.U and the rumor is that a new Reich is rebuilding on other conditions – but absolutely on a dominancy level-and that Europe falls apart because of Germany.

We are talking about the European deconstruction by the growing budgetary asphyxiation imposed by Germany that ignites the European region and demolishes the European foundation.

It is a big political mistake one to believe that Germans are stronger, harder working and more valuable people than the French, the British, the Italians, the Greeks, the Portuguese, the Spanish or other people.

Such estimations lead easily to the acceptance of the theories of the Aryan Race and other racist theorems. At this point I would like to recall the historical memory:


After two World Wars the Germans fail to remember that their position in E.U today is due to the American help and the suspension of the payments that Germany proclaimed 3 times during the last century .


A)  The democracy of Weimar survived from 1924 to 1929 solely off the loans given from the U.S.A. The debt pyramid collapsed on the crisis of 1931.All the money from the loans from the U.S.A disappeared,the damage, not only for the U.S.A but globally, was huge.

B)  After WWII U.S.A arranged for the Germany not to pay any compensations with few exceptions, rescheduling payment when and if East and West Germany reunite.That was vital for Germany and this economical base gave the foundations on which the after war german miracle happened. In order for this miracle to happen, many countries had to be sacrificed and relinquish their rights.

C)  Germany also forgets that the third suspension of payments happened in 1990, yes even then, the Chancellor Köln refused to abide the London Agreement of 1953. This agreement said that the German compensations will be renegotiating. Germany not only hasn’t paid the war compensations but didn’t even return the gold that stole from Greece as well as the enforced loans during WWII.

This of course isn’t just a debt cut but a debt “shave” that leaves a shiny bald German head.

D)Germany splattered the world with blood twice in her history. The second time it was a war of extermination and depopulation that forced her enemies to deny their rights.

Fact is that Germany built her “miracle” on the bodies of the other European people and this is a fact that no people have forgotten, including Greeks.

The perspective for European people to recall the historical memory because of Germany’s everyday escalating aggressive behavior, unfortunately seems that is in danger to be transmitted like a disease among the European people with nightmarish outcome.

U.S.A obviously are not absent from this escalating inauspicious landscape that seems to exist in Europe, and I say obviously because apparently I do not have any information on how this superpower will react, allow or stop this aversion towards the german policy which was created by Germany’s lust for dominancy towards the people of Europe (and that is historically proven).

Anyway, if Germany will be forced to pay for her bankruptcies and the scandals caused by her economic giants, not a single old german Marco will be left in their safes, because We, Greeks besides our responsibilities that surely do exist,cannot “sweep under the carpet” Frau-Merkel’s inactiveness towards Siemens that robbed the Greek nation, the rusty Leopards, the half-tilting submarines, the trains suited for different track width and so many other tactics by which Germany ripped off Greece by bribing their villainous politicians.

It is interesting that according to Bundesbank’s economic data the “so called help” to Greece with the saving program of IMF earned billions worth profits for the German banks, as a result this help is nothing but a usurer’s loan than has nothing to do with the moralistic speech that Frau gives us.

There is an urge for the Greek lobby, Hellenic-American organizations, that can be heard by the U.S.A decision-making centers, to make clear to U.S.A the true dimensions of this problem. To make clear that the country and the people that twice, without any logical reason-if there could be any-splattered with innocent blood the world tries to reset another form of that which not succeed and that the American policy has the power and has to stop Germany’s extreme aggression towards almost all Europe with the indifference and the tolerance of Russia and China’s appetite for power that is overtly manifested.

Greeks know how to pioneer but mostly should be taught by Thukidides. The political analysts of the State Department, and other American services, use Thukidides as a tool of analyzing the political phenomenon of Peace and War.

They have to send the message to this big friendly country, the global superpower, that European foundations are in danger of demolition by Germany, that Germany it is historically proven that is an unreliable partner, that historic memories are coming to life and that social explosion are starting to happen not only to the southern but to the northern countries too, that the classic enemies of the WWI and II are reanimating among the people on which the german miracle was built.

My personal opinion is that I would prefer to be one more star to the U.S.A flag than a European region under the german boot and the Aryan Race theories of the upcoming new Axona.

Finally, U.S.A must be very careful about this upcoming China-Germany cooperation and to do not let infrastructure and  natural resources to be sold out(Piraeus and Thessaloniki ports,hydrocarbons etc)to powers uncontrollably competitive.

Anyway, American-Russian alliances should be preferred. (EXXON-ROSONEFT)

As a conclusion, I would like to ask for reader’s understanding if my analysis, at some points, seems to be a little bit harsh and if I criticize very strictly but I think that my analysis should be correctly evaluated under these political and economical circumstances going on in Greece and all over Europe.

P.S. After the completion of this text, a new hit from the Germans against Cyprian economy was made which confirms my analysis. This is the reason why this article does not comment the above fact. I will be back soon.


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